ShiftLife Organizer


ShiftLife Organizer is the calendar application designed specifically for shift workers. 

- Organize your Shifts.
- Record your Hours.
- Calculate your Pay.

ShiftLife provides a clear and easy display of upcoming shifts, training days, holiday, on-call days and other important events. 

As well as allowing you to plan your future work & play, ShiftLife also allows you to easily maintain a record of your completed shifts, overtime hours, working locations, hourly pay, total pay, sick days and other details. 

ShiftLife has a simple easy to use interface for quick intuitive operation and functionality designed specifically for easy use. This will quickly become one of your indispensable Apps.


* iOS 9

* Apple Watch

* Notification Center Widget

* iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad mini. 

* iCloud, Google, Outlook, Yahoo, iCal Sync.

* Fast Shift Entry. A whole year of shifts can be done in seconds.

* Add, delete, edit calendars. 

* Flexibility to handle any work pattern.

* Bluetooth sync calendars & shift patterns with your work colleagues & friends.

* Pictures for calendar months display.

* Import your own images from your photos.

* Custom events, sick days, holidays, training days. 

* Multiple daily events & shifts. 

* List, Day, Week x2, Month x3 views.

* Friendly user interface with intuitive touch gestures .

* Holiday & Sport Calendars.

* Export/import your events & shifts using .ics files. 

* Create image of month view to use as your phones wallpaper.

* Send a picture of your calendar to your friends

* Set any day as the start of your work week.

* Personalise your display.

* Send Email of your shifts.

* iCloud calendar support for automatic syncing between your devices.

* Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish.