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OvalKey delivers to your pocket the apps you need to organize your life.  

We develop a range of top selling calendar apps specifically built for Apple devices.  

Our range of calendar apps incorporate all the latest technology & essential features, but yet remain simple and intuitive to use.  

We develop general calendar apps suitable for everyone, as well as more specific apps that incorporate functionality designed to meet the requirements of a particular type of user.  

Whatever you need from your calendar, we have the perfect app for you to organize your life.

Our first calendar app was launched back in 2008 for the very first generation iPhone.  A lot has changed since then and our expanding range of apps has been downloaded by many millions of users, all around the world and are now available in over 10 languages.  

We are continually developing and improving our apps to keep them updated with all the latest iOS software features and working optimally on the evolving range of Apple devices.  

We also love our users and listen very carefully to the feedback we receive.  This allows us to continually improve our apps and add many great new user requested features.   

When you put your life in a calendar you need to know you can rely on it both today and in the future.