PocketLife Calendar


PocketLife has been designed for people who want an easy to use, beautiful looking calendar in their pocket. With a simple easy to use interface for quick intuitive operation. 

You will find PocketLife a huge improvement over the built in Calendar app. With many advanced features and a vastly superior layout to display all of your calendar events. 

PocketLife will quickly become one of your most used and indispensable apps. 


* iOS 9

* Apple Watch

* Notification Center Widget

* Google, Outlook, iCal, Yahoo, iCloud - Fast Sync.

* Universal app: iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini.

* Events & Reminders. 

* List, Day, Week, Agenda, Year and 3 Month views.

* Display multiple calendars. 

* Custom Recurring events. 

* Share calendars with your work colleagues, friends & family.

* AirDrop & AirPrint support.

* Customisable Pictures for calendar months display.

* Import your own images from your photos.

* Custom events. Sick days, Holiday. 

* Intuitive gestures to change display.

* Passcode Protection. 

* Create image of month view to use as your phones wallpaper.

* Send a picture of your calendar to your friends

* Set any day to start of week.

* Personalize the colors, fonts and pictures of your display.

* Send Email of your events.

* Send .ics iCalendar files of your events.