Pimp Your Calendar


Love your iPhone?
But want a better calendar app?

Pimp Your Calendar is here to customize the way you can display your iPhone's calendars by allowing you to fully personalize your display. 
Change the colors and add new images, in fact you can change just about everything, so you can make your calendar as funky as you like it. 

After the great popularity and success of apps that allow you to personalise your device's background, wallpaper and lock screen, at last you now have the ability to customize the way you display your calendars.

Tired of your boring dull iPhone calendar?
Want to color individual events?
Want custom repeats?
Want custom alert sounds?
Want a Week View?
Want to fully personalise the display?
Want more calendar functions?
Then its time to…

_______ Pimp Your Calendar _______


* Apple Watch

* Notification Center Widget

* iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad mini. 

* iCloud, Google, Outlook, Yahoo, iCal Sync.

* List, Day, Month and Week Views.

* Easily set any type of event repeating pattern.

* Add over 30 custom alert sounds.

* Customize the display color for individual events.

* Import & Export iCalendar .ics files to easily share events.

* Share calendar events using bluetooth.

* Email & print whole calendars.

* AirPrint supported.

* Over 50 pictures to display on your month view or import your own.

* Month view event coloured bars (no more little black dots). 

* Choose your font.

* Choose your colours. 

* Choose your start of week. 

* Quickly GoTo any date (long press on GoTo button to quickly go to Today).

* Quick swipe delete