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StudentLife_SmallRounded✓ Organize your Study.


✓ Remember your Homework.


✓ Plan your Social Life.

StudentLife Organizer is the calendar application for students. StudentLife provides a clear and easy display of all your classes, lectures, homework, projects, essays, sports, social events, holiday and other important events. Allowing you easily to plan your future work & play. 

StudentLife has a simple easy to use interface for quick intuitive operation and functionality designed specifically for students. This will quickly become one of your indispensable Apps.



✓ Fast Event Entry. 


 Google, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud - Fast Syncing.


 Bluetooth sync calendars  with your work colleagues, friends & family.


 Customisable Pictures for calendar months display.


 Import your own images from your photos.


 Custom events. Sick days, Holiday. 


 Multiple daily events & shifts. 


 List view, Day view, Month view.


 Swipe motion to change month displayed.


 Passcode Protection. 


 Create image of month view to use as your phones wallpaper.


 Send a picture of your calendar to your friends


 All Four Calendar View.


 Set the calendar number font color. To create great looking calendars with whatever photo you want to import.


 Send Email of your events.


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